Process Quality Control (IPQC) manufacturing methods,continuously verifying products is within tolerance through all strange of manufacturing including finishing and plating.We carry out the following IPQC checks during manufacturing.


Dia. Measure & get material cert. from suppiers



Production operator verifies product is within tolerance 2hrs/time
QC staff verifies operator finding at random. (the first product check/one 2hrs check by operator random check by QC dept.)

Pre heat treatment

QC staff verifies product is ready for heat treament
(all product dia. check by QC dept)

Post heat treatment

QC staff verifies product complies with customer hardness requirements & reviews the inspections from suppliers. (core & case hardness check)
Post plating
(head painted)
QC staff conducts visual check at random

Final inspection

QC staff conducts the function tests & confirm all product requests comply with customers

Finished packed

Production operator packs product as customer requirments(Hang pack, Box, Bucket.....etc.)packing supervisor conducts random checks